It’s all about one thing…

Finally, you can prepare using questions that are similar (often identical!) to those you'll be asked on the actual permit test!

"It's almost impossible to fail if you've been practicing DMV Genius - you will be surprised how close it is to the real thing!"

DMV Genius: your super-effective permit test preparation weapon!

Based on the Manual. As legit as it can be

DMV Genius is based on the official Driver's Guide for your state: you can be 100% sure you're practicing this year's questions from the official source!

Your State. Your DMV. Unique app for every state

DMV Genius is a family of permit practice tests, with several unique tests for each state. We have used genuine feedback from users who already passed, as well as some insider info.

No Surprises at DMV. Know what to expect.

DMV Genius uses the same question format and grading/scoring system as your state's DMV, so you'll know what to expect when the time comes.

Reviews & Testimonials:

This practice test actualy helped! I saw a lot of these questions on my permit test!
Jeff Horton, Jackson, Mississippi

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